nutils.export.mplfigure(name, /, **kwargs)

Matplotlib figure context, convenience function.

Returns a matplotlib.figure.Figure object suitable for object-oriented plotting. Upon exit the result is written to the currently active logger.

Requires matplotlib.

  • name (str) – The filename of the resulting figure.

  • **kwargs – Keyword arguments are passed on unchanged to the constructor of the matplotlib.figure.Figure object.

nutils.export.vtk(name, cells, points, /, **kwargs)

Export data to a VTK file.

This method provides a simple interface to the VTK file format with a number of important restrictions:

  • Simplex-only. This makes it possible to define the mesh by a combination of vertex coordinates and a connectivity table.

  • Legacy mode. The newer XML based format is more complex and does not provide benefits within the constraints set by this method.

  • Binary mode. This allows for direct output of binary data, which aids speed, accuracy and file size.

Beyond the mandatory file name, connectivity table, and vertex coordinates, any additional data sets can be provided as keyword arguments, where the keys are the names by which the arrays are stored. The data can be either vertex or point data, with the distinction made based on the length of the array.

  • name (str) – Destination file name (without vtk extension).

  • tri (int array) – Triangulation.

  • x (float array) – Vertex coordinates.

  • **kwargs – Cell and/or point data