Welcome to Nutils’s documentation!

Nutils: open source numerical utilities for Python, is a collaborative programming effort aimed at the creation of a modern, general purpose programming library for Finite Element applications and related computational methods. Identifying features are a heavily object oriented design, strict separation of topology and geometry, and CAS-like function arithmetic such as found in Maple and Mathematica. Primary design goals are:

  • Readability. Finite element scripts built on top of Nutils should focus on work flow and maths, unobscured by Finite Element infrastructure.
  • Flexibility. The Nutils are tools; they do not enforce a strict work flow. Missing components can be added locally without loosing interoperability.
  • Compatibility. Exposed objects are of native python type or allow for easy conversion to leverage third party tools.
  • Speed. Nutils are self-optimizing and support parallel computation. Typical scripting inefficiencies are discouraged by design.

For latest project news and developments visit the project website at nutils.org.

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