The mesh module provides mesh generators: methods that return a topology and an accompanying geometry function. Meshes can either be generated on the fly, e.g. rectilinear(), or read from external an externally prepared file, gmesh(), igatool(), and converted to nutils format. Note that no mesh writers are provided at this point; output is handled by the nutils.plot module.

nutils.mesh.rectilinear(vertices, periodic=(), name='rect')[source]

rectilinear mesh

nutils.mesh.revolve(topo, coords, nelems, degree=3, axis=0)[source]

revolve coordinates

nutils.mesh.gmesh(path, btags={}, name=None)[source]
nutils.mesh.triangulation(vertices, nvertices)[source]
nutils.mesh.igatool(path, name=None)[source]

igatool mesh

nutils.mesh.fromfunc(func, nelems, ndims, degree=1)[source]


nutils.mesh.demo(xmin=0, xmax=1, ymin=0, ymax=1)[source]

demo triangulation of a rectangle